Brainiak Adaptive Learning™ is the effective and affordable way for you get better grades!

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Brainwave Adaptive Learning™ is designed to increase your competency and improve your grades.

  • We regularly hear from students that are faced with low grades and poor learning outcomes.
  • Brain-Computer Interface allows identification of the best learning strategy of the learner in less than one hour.
  • You have vital information about your learning performance.
  • Brainwave Adaptive Learning™ solution provides:
    • Five ways of learning.
    • Intelligent feedback and remediation.
    • Competency building by repeated learning cycles.
    • Assessment platform for students to prepare for high stakes exams.

How it Works!

  • The learner puts on the EEG headband.
  • The alpha, beta and gamma waves are observed and analyzed while the student is rotated though the content in five different learning strategies.
  • The Brainiak™ App records the brainwave data in real time.
  • The Big Data AI software finds the learner’s best learning strategy.
  • The brainwave report is generated and the content is presented in the  best learning strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Better grades and improved performance.
  • Content in five differentiated learning strategies.
  • Lots of examples and practice tests.
  • Nano-adaptive apps available.
  • Adaptive courses for AP available.
  • Real time brainwave data and detailed report.
  • Content customized in the way you learn best.
  • MIT spin off with accessibility to company founder and his team.
  • Tech Support Available.

Key Features

  • Patented Technology – First and only Brain-Computer-Interface Adaptive Learning system on the market – An MIT spin-off company.
  • Real time Analytics for each student at the aggregate level.
  • Available for multiple platforms – Android, Windows, iOS and Chromebook systems are fully supported.
  • SaaS delivery – no requirements beyond an internet connection and internet-enabled device.
  • Custom Solutions available.
  • A true turnkey solution! No need to work with your institution’s IT department or worry about challenging implementations.

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