What is adaptive learning software?

Adaptive learning software organizes and presents content based on individual student preferences and maximizes learning performance through continuous intelligent feedback.

Are you testing the intellADAPT software?

No, the software is a real product available for sale. The participants will be unlikely to find any software problems. This research is focused on gauging the improvement of student learning outcomes.

Does my district need any special hardware to install this software?

No, intellADAPT is provided as a SAAS (software as a service) product. Any PC or tablet used by your school or by the students at home will need access to the internet.

What kind of research is intellADAPT based upon?

intellADAPT's technology is grounded firmly in science, linking the three principal schools of learning—behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism—to technology designed to improve learning behavior.

Students learn from different strategies? What strategy does intellADAPT use?

IntellADAPT recognizes that there are five different ways through which people tend to learn: apprentice (mentor-student interaction), incidental (case studies), inductive (examples), deductive (application), and discovery (experimentation).

For example, if you wanted to teach Newton's laws of motion, the apprentice strategy would provide step-by-step presentation of the three laws, while the incidental strategy would present videos related to equation of motion followed by Newton's laws. Inductive strategy would provide solved examples of problems related to velocity and acceleration, deductive strategy would provide interactive animations to present Newton's laws, and discovery strategy would present laws in the form of crossword puzzle game. The assessment at the end of each learning strategy also provides real-time feedback and statistics on which learning strategy is best for these students.

Will the teacher have to set up any lessons or homework practice for students?

No. intellADAPT is a turnkey solution that provides all require content, exercises, and assessments which provides a personalized learning experience for each student.

We are approached by software sellers frequently to use their products. What makes yours different?

intellADAPT obtained a patent for its unique approach that is based upon each student's performance in real time, rather than predictions based on large groups of students in the past.

We are trying to avoid the “flavor of the month” syndrome and having your company go out of business. How do we know that you will be in business in a few years?

intellADAPT has been in business for three years already. Given the emphasis on improving STEM educational outcomes, the government and other investors have made a commitment to this work.

How much of my time is required to be in this study?

The time required of a teacher should be the same as they spend preparing for the course lessons. There will be 2-3 other hours over the course of the semester for training and sharing of experiences.

What is the cost to my district or the students for intellADAPT?

The cost for the high schools which opt to participate in the spring 2017 program described here and their students is $0. This is a result of the funding provided by the NSF.

Will student or teacher names or other identifying data be made public?

No. The privacy of all users of intellADAPT is of vital importance to us. We are only researching data on student outcomes of the usage of the tool.

What happens to the software after the trial period is over?

After the trial period, if you wish to continue to use intellADAPT, an inexpensive licensing fee will need to be paid. Please see our website for details.

What other schools have used intellADAPT?

UMass Boston, Milton High School, Tri-County Early College High School, O'Bryant School of Math and Science, Nantucket High School, St. Thomas Aquinas High School and others. In addition, Mass Insight (a professional development organization for teachers) endorses the use of intellADAPT.

What other STEM courses does intellADAPT offer?

We are currently developing several other courses…(list of existing and to be developed below)