Our Brainwave Adaptive Learning™ enabled with an EEG headband and the Brainiak™ Analytics AI software app is an effective solution for you to provide a truly adaptive learning experience to your students in class room as well as online.


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Students & Parents

Brainiak Adaptive Learning™ is the effective and affordable way for you get better grades!

Corporate & HR Professionals

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The students especially like the varied learning strategies that allow them to approach difficult material in a manner that is best suited to their personal learning style.
Benjamin C. Owens
Tri-County Early College High School​
The education technology that supports big-data driven adaptive learning may make significant impacts on the improvement of personalized education for students and may be a powerful tool at the disposal of teachers to improve learning outcomes in the future.
Jordan Cox​
Lowell High School started using Adaptive Physics last September and is expanding its use with a second instructor for Honors level Physics. I strongly endorse the Adaptive 2.0 platform and its potential for fostering success in all of our science students
Roger D. Morneau​
Lowell High School


The development of the technology was funded by NSF SBIR grant 1632481