Advanced Placement Courses

Study, Learn and Review for the Advanced Placements Exams with our Adaptive Courses

Adaptive Physics

These topic will also prepare you for concepts related to advance placement (AP) physics 1 and 2 and concepts that are covered in the first course in college physics.

Adaptive Chemistry

This course will teach students what a chemical bond is, why and how a chemical bond is formed. Identify and predict the types of chemical bonding made by elements based on their position in periodic table.

Adaptive Statistics

The objectives for this module is to understand important basic statistical concepts relating to data and samples. This module provides definition and descriptions of data, population and sample in the context of statistical exploration.

Adaptive Calculus AB

You will learn functions, graphs and limits. Calculus is the underpinning of all higher level math courses and understanding it and being able to implement it is crucial to succeeding in most STEM fields.