Virtual Hackathon

Build your own Adaptive VIdeo Course

 LAVA or Learning with Adaptive Video Assessment. LAVA is different from the typical educational video, as it is immersive with adaptive assessments and timestamps.

We’re encouraging students and educators to be involved in creating their own adaptive assessments and custom course to cater to all types of learners. Apply by August 14th.

Who are we looking for?

There is a role for anyone interested in education, to be involved! We encourage students and educators  to participate and apply for the Hackathon. 

Applicants do not need coding or programming experience. All actions are web-browser based, so a secure internet connection is required.

Students interested in creating their own course or pursuing development in the field of education may find this hackthon geared toward them!

Prizes - per team

Thank you to our sponsors!

Encourage those interested in the field of teaching. We are looking for volunteers and sponsors willing to dedicate their time!


 LAVA is different from the typical educational video, as it is immersive with podcasts and in-depth text and accessible on all digital devices. LAVA also allows you to create your own adaptive assessments and custom courses to cater to all types of learners, from students to professionals.

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 Learning with Adaptive Video and Assessments is a new way to create courses with digital learning with online assessments. The platform allows you to watch videos that help you understand a concept in a course. LAVA’s strength is in it’s revision stream which allows users to quickly learn from their mistakes.


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We'd love to hear from you! What kind of questions and interests you have about LAVA or our Virtual Hackathon.

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