intellADAPT Official Rules

We encourage students  enrolled in high school or early college education to apply for the Hackathon.  Applicants do not need coding or programming experience. All actions are web-browser based, so a secure internet connection is required. Students interested in creating their own course or pursuing development in the field of education may find this hackthon geared toward them!

Rules of Participation

  • Participants must be enrolled in a high school or college institution, or in an high school education learning program (home-schooled, technical institute). 
  • Those who are not 18 or older, MUST receive parental permission to participate. 
  • All participants must use and create their own original content. 
  • Any participants caught plagiarizing or using copyrighted content outside of Fair Use policies will be disqualified.  
  • We do not tolerate harassment of hackathon participants in any form. Inappropriate language and imagery is not allowed.


  • All applications must have a STEM related vIdeo prepared before the Hackathon.  All videos must be at least 3 minutes and not go over 6 minutes.  The video must be an original video with all rights kept with it’s content creator. It is the responsibility of the participant to make sure the video is uploaded to YouTube either as public or unlisted before the Hackathon date. 
  • Submissions can be any of (and not limited to) the following, original  educational videos or Informational videos on subjects in the STEM field.
  • The participant will retain all rights for video and rights for any questions written for the assessment. All content is theirs, however access to the LAVA portal and information written will be for intellAdapt for hosting and judging. 
  • 1 Team representative – Participants may work in teams of up to 3. However, 1 selected team representative will be in charge of linking the video and creating the assessment. Teams may work together to create the STEM related video, brainstorm questions,  assist in time-stamping and aid in the design of the assessment. 


  • Do you provide travel reimbursements? Unfortunately, we are not able to provide travel reimbursements.
  • Can I apply for the hackathon as an individual? Yes, any changes to your team must be amended. You must send an application to be eligible.

General Schedule (subject to change)

  • The tentative date of the Hackthon is September 15, 2020.  
  • All teams or individuals must participate in our Guide and usage seminar on LAVA. This will ensure participants have access and can fairly participate on the day of. 
  •  All projects must be submitted by the designated end time. After that time, all participants will be prevented from logging into their account to make changes. 
  • All submissions will then be judged by our Judge panelists, students and educators will also review the courses and answer a survey. This will ensure a fair and open review. 
  • Participants will be notified via email and can also visit the Hackathon web page for updates. 


  • Prizes notifications will be delivered via email. 
  • Prizes will be given per team.
  • All winners will have the opportunity to host their content on our site for 9 months – free.
  • If winners wish to monetize their content, then an agreement must be made for proceeds and purchases.

Judging Criteria

  • Appropriate topic with relevance in the field of STEM
  • Strength of Assessments and accuracy of content
  • Use of LAVA platform features to create the assessment



intellADAPT will work with several judges in our panel. With X amount of judges. We will also provide the final lava project to current students for feedback and comments.