Sonwalker Institute

Gift of Knowledge Campaign for ALL

Sonwalkar Institute is created to build global competency using adaptive video lectures with assessment so you can measure and improve your own progress in any field of education. The Learning with Adaptive Video and Assessment (LAVA™) is an open access learning platform created by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar pioneer in the area of adaptive learning, pedagogy and online learning.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar demonstrates use of LAVA™ as the open content delivery platform in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. The current LAVA courses are primarily created by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar in the area of Physics and Molecular Dynamics for use in learning and teaching.

We are inviting other selected experts to become part of Sonwalkar Institute and use LAVA open access platform to create their own open learning resources. Contact us on how you can begin.

Sonwalkar Institute is the latest in revolutionizing the free open educational resources. These educational resources at Sonwalkar Institute can be used to learn and teach. If you wish to participate in the growing movement of Gift of Knowledge please contact us here.

Course Topics

  • Physics (60 videos)
  • Molecular Dynamics (146 videos)
  • Adaptive Learning (17 videos)
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and Adaptive MOOCs (7 videos)
  • Online Education and Pedagogy (8 videos)
  • Keynote Presentations: Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (7 videos)