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Dr. Nishikant (Nish) Sonwalkar

Dr. Nishikant (Nish) Sonwalkar: Academician, Scientist, Musician

Dr. Sonwalkar is regarded as a leading expert in the application of computers in education. He has extensive research and development experience in hypermedia authoring, mobile learning, adaptive learning, and brain-based synaptic learning, advanced scientific visualization, database management systems, and computer simulation.

After receiving doctoral degree from MIT in the area of Molecular Dynamics of Nano-interfaces, he joined MIT as faculty in Mechanical Engineering, but his passion for technology enabled education led him become the founding director of Hypermedia Teaching Facility (Hypermedia Lab) at MIT and later he was appointed as the Principal Educational Architect of MIT.

  • Changing the Interface of Higher Education book cover

    Changing the Interface of Higher Education

    The pedagogy for technology enabled education over last few decades have been influenced by behaviorist, cognitive, and constructivist theories. These theories are debated vigorously by the educational scientists. While the debate is extremely important for the paradigm shift, the need for a framework for instructional designers seeking meaningful incorporation of technology is necessary. With the infusion of new technological methods to deliver education on-line there is an acute need for reinvention of the pedagogical framework.

  • Fluid Mechanics Hypercourse CD cover

    Fluid Mechanics Hypercourse

    This CD-ROM is designed to accompany James Fay’s “Introduction to Fluid Mechanics”. An enhanced hypermedia version of the textbook, it offers a number of ways to explore the fluid mechanics domain. These include a complete hypertext version of the original book, physical-experiment video clips, excerpts from external references, audio annotations, coloured graphics, review questions, and progressive hints for solving problems. Throughout, the authors provide guidance in navigating the typed links so that students do not get lost in the learning process.

Dr. Sonwalkar has received numerous National awards for his significant contributions to technology enabled education from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and other Institutions:

  • 2007 Innovative Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning
  • 2007 USDLA Award for Outstanding Leadership by an Individual in the Field of Distance Learning
  • 2007 USDLA Platinum Award for Best Practices for On-line Distance Learning Programming for the development of Master of Management “AdaptNet” Program
  • In 2008 he is inducted into the “advisory board” of USDLA.

Contributions to Educational Technology

The Learning Cube

Dr. Sonwalkar developed the pedagogical framework of “The Leaning Cube” combining media, models and interactivity to develop adaptive learning technology and interfaces. He developed the “MetaModaic Interface” and the “Hypermedia Instruction and Teaching Environment, (HITE)” for technology enhanced education at MIT. He is considered as the pioneer of “Adaptive Learning Technology” and “Adaptive Blended Learning Methodology” which is now adapted by numerous Universities and Colleges in US. He is also researcher and developer for the “Theory of Synaptic Learning” for the enhancement of technology enabled education.

Gift of Knowledge Campaign for ALL

Sonwalkar Institute is created to build global competency using adaptive video lectures with assessment so you can measure and improve your own progress in any field of education. The Learning with Adaptive Video and Assessment (LAVA™) is an open access learning platform created by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar pioneer in the area of adaptive learning, pedagogy and online learning.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar demonstrates use of LAVA™ as the open content delivery platform in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. The current LAVA courses are primarily created by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar in the area of Physics and Molecular Dynamics for use in learning and teaching.

We are inviting other selected experts to become part of Sonwalkar Institute and use LAVA open access platform to create their own open learning resources. Contact us on how you can begin.

Sonwalkar Institute is the latest in revolutionizing the free open educational resources. These educational resources at Sonwalkar Institute can be used to learn and teach. If you wish to participate in the growing movement of Gift of Knowledge please contact us here.

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