About This Course

Learn how to create comprehensive and effective online courseware with intellADAPT’s easy to use IDesigner Software. The field of Instructional design is growing by the day, don’t miss out on you chance to take advantage of this small market while you can. With intellADAPT’s IDesigner Tool we make it easy and simple to create complex and comprehensive courseware for every student. At the core of the IDesigner tool is intellADAPT’s pedagogical framework.

The core of Adaptive 2.0 Learning Technology is the Learning Cube, which is built around pedagogy, learning models, rich media, real-time feedback, and learner analytics. Adaptive Learning employs a pedagogical framework, containing multiple learning strategies, pathways, and educational content personalized for the individual. Individuals not only learn differently from others, but they also learn different kinds of content using different learning strategies. Each individual has a dominant learning strategy based on cognitive development and a unique pace to digest new learning content. Through continuous monitoring and statistical inference, a preferred learning strategy is determined for each individual by our sophisticated customization models. The 5 learning strategies included in Adaptive 2.0 courses are based on brain research and defined as Apprentice, Incidental, Inductive, Deductive and Discovery models. Each of the strategies includes a mix of content, media, cases, projects, exercises, and interaction to differentiate instruction to best meet each student’s learning preference.

The course will be taught by Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, CEO and Founder of intellADAPT. Dr. Sonwalkar will discuss all aspects of the program. He will describe how you as teachers and your respective schools can achieve higher retention and graduation rates for students in STEM/STEAM courses as well as show how you can duplicate the classroom results reached in previous classroom trials and pilot programs. A Certification of Excellence will be awarded and Continuing Education Units will be available.

Tuition is $199.99. Most course materials are included however you will be required to buy the book “Changing the Interface of Education with Revolutionary Learning Technology” by Dr. Sonwalkar. You can purchase the eBook on Amazon.

What You’ll Learn

  • The foundations of Instructional Design as well as upper level concepts
  • How to use intellADAPT’s IDesigner tool
  • How to create a host an Adaptive 2.0 Course on intellADAPT’s Servers

Meet your Instructor

Dr. Sonwalkar is regarded as a leading expert in the application of computers in education. He has extensive research and development experience in hypermedia authoring, mobile learning, adaptive learning, and brain-based synaptic learning, advanced scientific visualization, database management systems, and computer simulation.

After receiving doctoral degree from MIT in the area of Molecular Dynamics of Nano-interfaces, he joined MIT as faculty in Mechanical Engineering, but his passion for technology enabled education led him become the founding director of Hypermedia Teaching Facility (Hypermedia Lab) at MIT and later he was appointed as the Principal Educational Architect of MIT.

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