Brainiak™ Kit

The Integrated Brainwave Adaptive Learning™ Solution

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The Brainiak™ Kit is your integrated solution for implementation of Brainwave Adaptive Learning™. The Brainiak™ Kit includes:

  • An EEG headband.
  • The Brainiak™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software App.
  • Access and registration for online adaptive courses.
  • An easy to understand video guide on using the Brainiak™ kit for conducting Brainwave Adaptive Learning.
  • A detailed Brainiak™ report with the identification of your best learning strategy.

How it Works

  • The learner puts on the EEG headband.
  • The alpha, beta and gamma waves are observed and analyzed while the student is rotated though the content in five different learning strategies.
  • The Brainiak™ App records the brainwave data in real time.
  • The Big Data AI software finds the learner's best learning strategy.
  • The brainwave report is generated and the content is presented in the best learning strategy.
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