What is pedagogy?


You may have encountered the term “pedagogy” in the context of strategic approaches to learning. But what exactly does this term mean? The word “pedagogy” comes to us from the Greek paidagōgia meaning literally “to lead a child”. Over time, the word came to refer more specifically to the process of leading people to knowledge: […]

How can we help you learn smarter?

Getting started with intellADAPT Studying with an adaptive learning platform should always be about getting results. Whether you are a student ready to immerse yourself in a new field, or an educator looking for new techniques to apply in the classroom, intellADAPT offers a range of solutions that can help you succeed. Data-driven learning strategies […]

Experience true adaptive learning with intellAdapt

Experience true adaptive learning with intellADAPT There is no shortage of online course material claiming to be “adaptive”. But the reality is that most of this content is static: there is no true adaptation to the learner. intellADAPT’s adaptive courses offer true adaptive learning that responds to a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to […]

IUEA Graduation Ceremony 2018

New Frontiers in Adaptive Learning for Upskilling African Workforce Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, Founder and President, intellADAPT was invited as the keynote speaker for International University of East Africa’s (IUEA) commencement ceremony in Kampala, Uganda. Below is the speech that inspired the students, faculty members and families present at the ceremony. Overview Dr. Sonwalkar at the […]