IntellADAPT attends Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV


From January 4th to January 8thintellADAPT, a Boston based educational technology and Adaptive Learning Startup, attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. At the event, intellADAPT showcased its brainwave adaptive technology in a live demonstration along side several other SBIR Awardees.

The demonstration consisted of live tracking expo attendees’ brainwaves while they read brochures and played a game developed by intellADAPT called Adaptive Memory Builder, available on the app store now. The demonstration showed that the attendees showed higher attention rates while playing the game that requires a great deal of focus.


Attendees were impressed by intellADAPT’s ability to assess attention states using the EEG headband and relate that information into differentiated learning strategies. intellADAPT is excited about this new piece of technology and will be gearing up for its implementation in the coming months.

The intellADAPT team generated a great deal of interest in the brainwave adaptive technology aspect of intellADAPT’s Adaptive Resource for the Classroom or ARC. intellADAPT is looking forward pursing possible partnerships though connections made during this event.

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar, ScD MIT, founder and CEO of intellADAPT, commented “Being able to attend this event is has been an honor and we are very appreciative of NSF for funding our participation in this event.”

The intellADAPT team would like to give a special thank you to the staff of CES and to NSF for funding the booth as a well as the Sands Convention Center for serving as host for this important event.

For more information about intellADAPT and partnership opportunities, please visit our website at or contact the intellADAPT staff at (617) 287-5791.