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Twice a month, intellaADAPT's CEO, Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar hosts a webinar to explain some of the concepts of our Adaptive 2.0 System in more depth. Here are the most recent webinars we have hosted: 

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General Webinar

"Adaptive Learning for STEM Education: Adaptive Physics Demonstration," designed to demonstrate how integrating adaptive learning with your existing classroom teaching can produce the following results:

  1. Support for individual learning strategies.
  2. Ensure that your students achieve highest quality of education and training and complete competency of relevant concepts.
  3. Accelerate the learning process the learning process to allow your students to master concepts in half the time.
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Empowering Teachers 

"Empowering Teachers Using Adaptive Resources for the Classroom (ARC)." The suite of highly interactive tools that ARC provides empowers you to:

  1. Monitor and track students in real-time who are struggling and offer them timely remediation.
  2. Better understand your students' needs and lead them to higher completion rates and increase their learning outcomes.
  3. Accommodate all students and improve their competency in the subject matter with 5 distinct learning strategies through our Adaptive Learning Courseware.

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